Da Capo II

The official site for Da Capo II (not to be confused with Da Capo Second Season) has been updated once again.

The update reveals yet more characters and the only unknown character left is the player. The newly revealled characters are:

  • Mayumi Kousaka – likes sports and contests, hates people who speak indirectly. Second year and good friend of Otome Asakura.
  • Maika Mizukoshi – school nurse. Mizukoshi… daughter or granddaughter of Moe/Mako?
  • Suginami – good friend of the main character. Seems to take after his name…
  • Wataru Itabashi – good friend of the main character. Likes H. Suginami + this guy = gg main character?

Other then the new characters, the Information page has also been updated with a notice that D.C. II goods will be onsale during the winter Comiket (which is in about two-weeks time). I want all the ones with Nanaka on them. 日本へ行きたい!~

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