It’s random IRC chatlog time! This took place in SOS-dan, where Suzumiya Haruhi fans and people with supernatural powers gather.

<Edge> ThePaper: Are you still going with your blog?
<+ThePaper> yes… yes i am
<Edge> Akiba-bound has been dead as of late, due to moving servers :/
<+ThePaper> akiba-bound? u run it?
<Edge> ThePaper: Yep…
<+ThePaper> ooo… that’s nice
<+ThePaper> i had a friend who went “WTF akibabound linked to ur blog?!?!” on msn the other day…
<+ThePaper> D:
<Edge> o_o
<Edge> Why in God’s name would he say something like that?
<+ThePaper> i think he worships u
<Edge> …scary
<KyubiFox> edge has a fanboy D:
<+ThePaper> stalker even
<TheFluff> @_@
<Edge> well, he hasn’t found me on IRC. So I’m safe
<TheFluff> heheh
<&KY0N> paper post this on your dm >_>
<+ThePaper> good idea
<Edge> as long as he doesn’t come and raid my house and steal all my precious doujin.

That’s all folks.

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