So, I’m still alive. I think. School holiday is almost over… Sigh. I need sometime to recover from this depression period before I blog (semi-)regularly again.

Anyway, Summer Days is out but somehow the entire world, or maybe just my ISP, is conspiring against me and I just can’t get my dirty little paws on a copy of it. Guess I’ll have to wait for EMS. The OST is already here, but I missed the delivery… TWICE!… and I was at home too! (My doorbell hasn’t been working for ages)

Grrr, not to mention all the holiday homework I have left. Damn you, sinister international conspiracy to make life sucks for me!

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I haven’t been doing my homework. I haven’t been playing Summer Days either (which is not due to a lack of want). And shockingly, I have not been WoWing. So what the hell did I waste today on?

'Greensvale no Mori no Naka

Greensvale no Mori no Naka ~seichou suru gakuen~

I downloaded this while searching for Summer Days. Somehow this finished downloading while all five parts of Summer Days are still crawling like pregnant turtles with two missing limps. This game, Greensvale no Mori no Naka (“Inside the Forest of Greensvale”) is what I wasted today on. Curse you, international conspiracy to make me waste my time on useless things!

The main character is tasked with managing a school to contribute to the future of your kingdom while fending off attacks from rival kingdoms. The game lasts for 50/100/300 turns depending on how many times you’ve played it. Each turn is 1 year and you can perform only one action per turn, such as constructing new school buildings and talking to various female characters. (Once a year? What a lonely guy…)

As you can guess, there are various types of buildings and various types of students that graduate from your school. You have to balance some stats, earn money, get more students to enroll and generally not let the school die. And if you do things right, you can of course get the endings of the various girls depending on the stats and building combinations.

It’s quite interesting and there’s a bit more replay value than the standard gal-game, but the reason I brought this game up is not because of it’s gameplay or the girls, but because of the omake parody video that came on the disc where the four screenshots above came from.

If you don’t get the joke in the picture, then you can count yourself as a non-otaku. (Whether that’s a good or bad thing is debatable)

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