Went to Singapore Cosfest 2006 at Downtown East today. It’s a really small event, but it’s pretty much the best we get. I went there with some school mates and ended up bumping into Shia and Kwok. Also met an acquaintance from years ago. Singapore is really small.

My camera’s batteries went flat soon after I got there, so I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures…

BleachFinal Fantasy XIIDizzy from Guilty Gear, Mai from King of Fighters and Shia from Pita-Ten
Lacus and Lunamaria from Gundam SEED DESTINYNo idea where this is from...Saya from Blood+Here's a stormtrooper. There's always one of these around...Rozen MaidenNo idea, but looks coolNo idea... againThis guy is ShiaKwok from lolicon...trol

There was a guy cosplaying as KOS-MOS… I couldn’t bare to take a picture.

Oh yeah, and that girl who performed “ENDLESS STORY” from Nana on stage, that was good. I love that song so much that I kept replaying that portion of the movie. :3

Anyway, we wandered around the event area for a bit before heading to White Sands for dinner and finally Kwok’s house to look at his pr0n collection help him set up Winny/Share. We ended up watching the first episode of Coyote Ragtime Show (which I had already watched). It’s looking good so far. All hail the killer loli’s.

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