Today, 27/8, was Mitsuki Hayase’s birthday. Age-soft held an event to celebrate it. Yes in Japan, even eroge characters get their birthdays celebrated! :3


According to Moon Phase, an announcement for a new Kimi ga Nozomu Eien anime was made during the event.

アージュ、特報 「君が望む永遠 “遙ルート”」 アニメ化決定!!

今日のイベントでも正式発表された模様。まだ 「君望」 で引っ張りますか。「あゆまゆ劇場」 のネット配信アニメは、てっきり 「マブラヴ」 アニメ化への布石かと思ってたんだけど、こっちと連動した企画だったようで。

From Age: New “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Haruka’s route” anime confirmed!

This was officially announced during today’s event. Although it had been speculated that the “Ayu Mayu Theatre” anime distributed on the offical site was part of the preparation towards a Muv-Luv anime, it turned out to be another KimiNozo project.

I hate Haruka. I love the ending of the first series. God, why did they have to announce it on Mitsuki’s birthday? :( The irony, it burns…

Still, more Mitsuki and more Akane is good. <3

Apparently from what I have heard (not currently confirmed), the new anime will be an OVA series and it will take place in an alternate timeline where Haruka did not get knocked down by a van. (What the fuck? How is that KimiNozo anymore?)

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