Okay, so apparently Kujibiki Unbalance DVD sets will each come with one episode of Genshiken OVA. The first DVD box is due 22nd December. That’s the good news I guess.

Kujibiki Unbalance Noizi Style!

However, because Media Factory is once again releasing the DVDs in sets of twos, the new 12-episode Kujian will come in only 3 DVD box sets, which means a total of just 3 episodes of Genshiken. (i.e. a complete reversal of the Genshiken DVD box sets)

This may or may not be a good thing. Here’s why…

The title of the first episode of the OVA is 「オタクが嫌いな荻上です」 or “The Ogiue who hates Otaku”. In the manga, Chika Ogiue was introduced near the end of the 4th volume. Genshiken has a total of 9 volumes, with the 9th and final volume coming out at the end of this year (楽しみ~). Going by the pace of the first TV series, covering the rest of Genshiken will require another 12-episode series (at the very least).

This looks quite impossible for a 3-episode OVA to accomplish. 90 minutes is just not enough to cover the remaining story, not unless the producers plan to totally butcher up the story and piss off the Chika fanboys out there. I don’t think they will do that — at least I hope not.

For those of you who do not follow the manga, here’s Chika:

Chika Ogiue

Okay, she’s basically a fujoshi (aka Yaoi Fan Girl) who hates all otaku despite being one herself… She was kicked out by the Manga Society and forced into Genshiken. She spends her free time drawing yaoi doujinshi and hiding them from other people… Totally tsundere. She’s also, like, the best-est character in the second half of the series. :P

Anyway, as I was saying, I hope they are not planning to compress the rest of Genshiken into 3 measly 25-minute OVA episodes. And something tells me that they are not going to… (I call it my intuition but the doctor says it’s just a headache)

The original series took 12 episodes to cover almost 4 volumes. Assuming that they don’t plan to commit creative suicide, the upcoming 3 OVA episodes should only cover Vol.5, which begins with Chika’s introduction and ends off with Genshiken’s Comiket debut. Quite fitting for an OVA series I would say.

Now assuming my assumption is correct, that will leave us with the last 4 volumes, which will then make up another 12 episodes very nicely. Hmmm… do I smell Genshiken 2 coming our way next year?

I hope so. Haruhi-sama, please make it happen! :3

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