HOLY SHIT! My submission for the Haruhiism logo under the “Faith” category was actually accepted!!! 13 hours later than the rest of my submissions, but it has been accepted nevertheless. Read my previous entry if you have no idea what I am talking about.


UPDATES after the jump.

This is indisputable proof of Haruhi’s existence! Even Yahoo accepts our faith! Haruhi-sama will rule the world! The only sad part is that the “moé” in my submission has been corrupted to “moé” due to encoding errors. :(

View this historical submission here.

Even though it’s not required anymore, I will continue my grand project. More details later.

UPDATE: The rest of my submissions have been accepted! Behold the greatness of Haruhiism! Here, here and here.

New school building

Yes, those are pictures of my school. And no, they aren’t Photoshopped. :3

Spread the message of salvation!
Haruhi-sama shall provide!
Long live Haruhiism!

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