Either no one has bothered to blog about it or I didn’t look hard enough. So anyway, the latest issue of Newtype has a whole bunch of juicy titbits on the new Evangelion movies starting next year.

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If you haven’t heard about the new Evangelion project before this, basically it’s a total of four new movies, with the first movie coming out next year.

I’ll just listen them out in the order they are mentioned in the magazine.

It’s going to be crazy. Crazy like the Eva that we love and hate. Apparently, Mr. Anno is working full steam. He’s happy that he can finally recreate Eva “as he wanted it to be”, because he’s no longer limited by the technology of 12 years ago, ergo lots of 3D CG this time. In fact, it’s so crazy that you will need to watch the first movie at least 3 times to “get” it. (Or so they say.)

The planning for the first movie has already been completed and it has entered the drawing phase and Mr. Hideaki Anno is working on the script for the second movie. The staff remains more or less the same as the TV series.

The first movie will revolve around the events covered in episode 6 of the TV series, basically Operation Yashima where Eva-01 takes down the angel with a positron rifle. That episode did not turn out the way Mr. Anno wanted it to, due to last-decade technical limitations, and he wants to make it right this time. Operation Yashima will be the climax of the first movie. Mr. Shinji Higuchi, the director of Sinking of Japan, will be in-charge of the Yashima portions of the movie.

NEW characters will be appearing in the second movie. (Please let it be Mana Kirishima!!!)

Although the uniform designs will remain unchanged, the NERV and SEELE logos will be changed. The NERV logo will be based on a bitten apple, while the new SEELE logo will be an apple with a serpent coiled around it. The new logos are references to the original sin as told by the Bible. Apparently, this reference may be paralleled by the movies’ story at some point.

It sounds to me that the first movie will be at least a partial remake and the second movie will branch off to a new story with new characters. I guess you can call it a parallel Eva universe?

As a fanboy, I can’t wait to see Eva with modern graphics. :3

P.S. Mana is the hawtest Eva girl. She deserves screen time!!!


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