A mysterious website, asosbrigade.com has been spotted. It foretells the end of the world on 22 Dec and has copyright information for Noizi Itou and SOS-dan in Japanese.


The title bar says “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Haruhiism – North America“. I assume the “a” in the URL stands for “America”.

The hidden text in the source code says 「禁則事項は12月22日公表します。」 or “the kinsoku jikou will be revealed on 22 Dec”. The domain is registered to a US address through a US registrar. The IP itself appears to be hosted at Hurricane Electric, a US colo provider.

The inclusion of copyright information is unusual for a fansite. (We are a bunch of pirates.)

All signs point to a R1 Haruhi license announcement in 4 days.

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