Okay, it’s one day late, but not if we go by GMT-4. 19th of January is (was) my 18th birthday! Did I ever mention that KOTOKO‘s birthday is on 19 January too? Yay! Happy Birthday!


Tsubaki organized a birthday party for me yesterday and a whole bunch of guys from #SGanimebloggers (and one girl) on rizon were there.

We ate steamboat at a place in Bugis. There were 18 (or was it 19) of us and the restaurant split us into four tables. I spent the whole time moving from one table to another.

Tj han got me Nirvash.


He also baked me a (allegedly) cake! It was nothing but chocolate and tasted like brownies. It also contained enough sugar in a single crumb to kill a diabetics person. And he only brought one candle. Cheapskate! I forgive him because Nirvash is cool.

Tsubaki invited Yuki all the way from Japan to celebrate my birthday. I would have preferred Haruhi, but oh well. Okay, so it was actually umehiko. She drew a lot of stares at Bugis MRT when we were gathering. LOL. Can you imagine wearing that and eating steamboat in an under ventilated basement? 苦しそう・・・

Everyone sang a birthday song to the tune of any anime-related songs. Then the final group birthday song was replaced by COLORS (Code Geass OP1). LOL. Best birthday song ever. I made a wish (“world peace”) and blew out the only candle. (Granted its diameter was like 10cm)


Kallen, mai waifu!!!

*sniff* ;_;

Illustrations by MistaYoH from the sos-dan IRC channel.

I played Time Crisis 4 for a bit (and I do mean a bit. I died in like 4 seconds) and we all gathered to watch bj0rn, our resident pro-gamer, show off his l33t skillz at Melty Blood and DrumMania. He has no life and spend all his free time playing games instead of doing more useful things like watching anime.

We dropped by Cosafe on the way back and I met Zer0 for the first time.

All in all a really interesting birthday. Thanks guys!

P.S. Windbell, being the only guy with a DSLR, was the designated photographer and all the pictures are with him. I will probably upload some when he sends them over.

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