Not too long ago, Bandai started taking preorders for an Asuka figurine under a new “Metamorphigure” (メタモフィギュア) line of products. It has a dress that changes colour between black and white depending on the room temperature. You can view an official video of the colour-changing process to see for yourself. Asuka will be released next month.

And today, Bandai released pictures of the prototype for the second figure in the series: Haruhi-sama! You can view the original entry on Akiba-blog.


According to the entry, the sample has not been given the colour-changing treatment yet. The creators are still playing around with the design so the current colour scheme may differ from the final product. Bandai is shooting for a May release. Look out for improved samples on display at various events before the figure hits the market.

While the colour-changing feature is kind of cool, I will wait until after Asuka gets released before passing judgement. Still, I wonder if this unspecified method for making colour-changing PVC places any limitations on the variety of colours and the amount of details possible. Asuka changes from opaque black to translucent white and I find it very likely that white wasn’t selected intentionally.

Wait… Does this mean translucent bunny suit? o_o

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