The next in line after Haruhi, Mikuru gets the Max Factory treatment. Preorders are open for this PVC figure of the loli-moé SOS-dan member. Sadly, judging by the preorder status, it doesn’t seem to be doing so good. I guess Haruhi is a tough act to follow.


I can’t exactly place my finger on any particular spot, but the figure doesn’t feel Mikuru the way Max Factory Haruhi radiates off a Haruhi aura. Maybe I am just bias. The figure retails for ¥4,800.

Speaking of 1/6 1/8 Max Factory Haruhi, HobbyLink Japan has reopened preorders for it. They have also posted the exact number of units they will be getting: 20 for the February batch, 30 for the April batch and enough stock in June to fulfill the remaining orders. I think I have a good chance of getting the April if not the February batch considering I ordered relatively early.

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