StarCraft 2 was announced by Blizzard at its Worldwide Invitational event held in Seoul just over one and a half hours ago.

The game has not been finalized yet, but so far it looks just like what you would expect a sequel to StarCraft to look like. See the screenshots at

Starcraft 2
Timeline recently added to Blizzard’s index page

Originally the announcement today was speculated to be a StarCraft MMORPG due to sightings of Blizzard’s job posting for positions related to next-gen MMO game development, but apparently it turned out to be unrelated. Maybe for future additions to World of Warcraft?

Anyway, whatever the case is, StarCraft 2 is coming; South Korea’s productivity to drop by 70% in the next 5 years.

[ Source: via Kotaku ]

UPDATE: The StarCraft 2 official website is up.

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