Haruhi jigsaw puzzle
See how big the box is—It’s as tall as Haruhi!

Woohoo! My 1000-piece Haruhi jigsaw puzzle has finally arrived! Or rather it arrived ages ago but I missed the delivery and only now found time to move my lazy ass to the post office to collect it! Yay!

This puzzle set was released by EPOCH, a company that specializes in making lame things like dart boards and those fake toy computers made for children. Apparently, that includes puzzles.

I bought it off Amazon JP. Being the anal bastards that they are, Amazon absolutely refuses to ship anything classified as a toy internationally and I had to pay through my nose for the shipping via a service offered by the local post office. I don’t know why exactly does Amazon have such a stupid policy, but I’m guessing it’s because toys are dangerous weapons of mass amusement that can destroy entire childhoods if they ever fall into the hands of terrorists. Haruhi bless Amazon.

Haruhi jigsaw puzzle
Surprise! Bet you didn’t expect to find puzzle pieces in this box!

The puzzle measures 75.0cm x 50.0cm (for you silly non-metric people, that’s about the size of a fully-grown African elephant) when—and if ever—completed. The title printed on the box says “Super Live”. EPOCH also released another 1000-piece set called “Muteki no Kosupure” and a 500-piece set called “Saikyou no Kosupure“. Not the most creative names but what the hell since when did people care about naming their puzzle sets? All the source pictures are taken from illustrations that were made for past magazine centrefolds, which is kind of cheapskate too but what the hell since when did anime studios ever bother to draw more than five different pictures per series for merchandising purposes.

Haruhi jigsaw puzzle
Wooo… Puzzle pieces.

Actually I’m being too harsh on it. It’s a puzzle set. Nothing more, nothing less. The quality is what you would expect from a jigsaw puzzle. The relevant features all are there (i.e. printed cardboard pieces with protrusions and holes). It comes with a pack of glue too. Although I really don’t see how glue can be made to be “designed for jigsaw puzzles”, but the packaging says so, so it must be true!

So, yeah. I wonder how long it will take for me to put it together.

You know, I would gladly kill a dozen people for there to be an official poster or puzzle set that uses the cover art of “Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou” Live DVD. Sigh, a guy can dream…

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