I have a small personal request. Now, I usually keep personal stuff out of this blog ever since it stopped being a place where I recount my daily activities with great attention to insignificant details and wanton cynicism. (Those were the days.) But I decided that since I have a decent local readership, it won’t hurt to abuse it once. Or twice.

Chibi Haruhi Suzumiya
Made in China

So if you are from Singapore, read on because I need your help! Foreign readers, please stay tune as this blog will soon resume its regular coverage of trashy anime series and mass-produced moé merchandises.

NIC 2007

As part of an initiative by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), various tertiary and educational institutions organize annual IT competitions for students in Singapore.

The Singapore Science Centre is organizing the National Infocomm Competition 2007, a quiz challenge where teams of three from various schools answer random arbitrary IT questions that range from “what is a mouse” to “what is the best-case complexity of bubble sort”.

This year, the organizers decided to “spice things up” (i.e. fix something that wasn’t broken) by introducing some silly point system that allows the teams in the finals to gain points by receiving votes online.

Help Us!

My team is in the finals for the Junior College category and we are appealing for your help! (Because we are all losers in real-life with no friends.)

It’s very simple. Go to the NIC 2007 website and click on “Online Quiz”. After answering three simple IT-related questions correctly (you can redo the quiz as necessary), you will be prompted to vote for a team in the finals.

National Infocomm Competition
Step 1: Click on “Online Quiz”

National Infocomm Competition
Step 2: Attempt the quiz

National Infocomm Competition
Step 3: Google for answers (optional)

National Infocomm Competition
Step 4: Vote for “Team 1”!

The final step is extremely important! You have to vote for “Team 1”. (Yes, it’s an extremely stupid name but I wasn’t the one who filled up our application.)

You will also be required to enter your real name, e-mail address and NRIC number (this is the part where you need to be from Singapore) because, as an online voter, you stand a chance to win a Playstation Portable! Yay! (However, it is not stated whether it will be the Slim version.)

Thank you for your kind attention! :P

P.S. I’m also looking for a part-time job for the school holidays. Anyone hiring? LOL.

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