If you are reading this, that means the new DNS has propagated for you. I had to manually edit my HOSTS file to access this site. Stupid ISP and its stupid slow-updating cache. This site is now hosted by HostGator for no particular reason.

Hatsune Miku

Some administrative matters to take care of:

  • I tried to ensure that everything was working before I swapped the nameserver. However, some scripts and dynamic content depend on the domain/subdomains propagating correctly to work. Therefore parts of the site may remain non-functional to you for now. Try ipconfig /flushdns and restarting your browser to see if it helps.
  • Due to some difference in MIME type configuration between DreamHost and HostGator, the old RSS feeds for my lyrics translations no longer work. For the three of you out there who actually use it, the new feed is here. (Japanese feeds here).
  • I am actually designing a completely new layout. The new “Random entries” thumbnails you see on the main page is a by-product of that. I am about 30% done. This marks the first time that I’m building a WordPress theme from the foundation up instead of modifying the default Kubrick theme
  • For some inexplicable reason, wp-cache is not working. Trying to fix it, but I have no idea what’s the cause. It’s low priority for now.

Update: The server is backup! And wp-cache is working now too! Hurray!

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