Arisa Mizuhara

If you were keeping up with my C73 coverage, you would know that I had the pleasure of meeting Arisa Mizuhara live on day three.

Arisa Mizuhara

For those of you who are oblivious to who she is, Arisa Mizuhara (水原ありさ) is one of the greatest cosplayers ever. (Even Danny agrees with me.) I’ve been a fan of hers for some time and it was quite a fanboy moment to meet her in the flesh at Comiket.

Anyway, I recently contacted her and requested for an online interview. She gracefully agreed and answered twenty questions provided by me. The interview was actually conducted over a week ago, but it took me some time to get around to translating the responses. Read them after the break!


Arisa Mizuhara


Please introduce yourself briefly.

My cosplay name is Arisa Mizuhara. I started to cosplay earnestly 8 years ago. My homepage is called Nyannyantei.

Some additional information from her profile page:

Height: 164cm
Birthday: 22nd November (Scorpio)
Bloodtype: AB
Favourite food: Chocolate, cookies, cheese
Favourite drinks: Coffee, orange juice
Favourite manga: Gintama, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Initial D
Favourite games: Biohazard (Resident Evil), Final Fantasy series, Kamaitachi no Yoru, and other mystery novel games
Cosplay history: I started in December 1999’s Winter Comiket. My first cosplay was Dejiko.

Arisa Mizuhara


How did you come to be interested in cosplay?

I was making doujinshi and selling them at events. I once saw someone doing a Di Gi Charat cosplay in the booth next to mine and I thought it was cute. I wanted to try making a Dejiko costume myself too and that was how it started. ^^

Arisa Mizuhara


What do you think is the attraction of cosplay?

I think it is fun to make and wear the cosplays of my favourite characters and take pictures while making the same poses as them. It’s an expression of my feelings for the characters.

Arisa Mizuhara


How do you decide on what characters to cosplay as? Is it limited to only characters you like?

I cosplay characters from works I like. But occasionally my appearance or features don’t match certain characters, no matter how much I like them. In those cases, I get my friends or other cosplayers to cosplay and then take pictures so that I can moé over them later. *^^* (Examples include Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Toshirou Hijikata from Gintama ^^::)

Arisa Mizuhara


Which is your own favourite cosplay?

Black Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh and Dejiko from Di Gi Charat left the biggest impression when I made them. I made both costumes quite some time ago but I still often wear them.

Arisa Mizuhara


As a cosplayer and as a person watching others cosplay, what kind of cosplays do you like?

I think no matter which side one is on, cosplay feels best when it brings out the essence of the character and the poses match the original source.

Arisa Mizuhara


What characters to you want to try cosplaying as?

I’m currently making a few costumes from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. (Shannon, Battler, Maria, etc.) I’m also making costumes from the Touhou doujin game series.

Arisa Mizuhara


Are there any cosplayers whom you admire?

There are a few, but it’s a secret. (lol) Watching them cosplay so perfectly and have fun inspired me to want to continue to enjoy cosplaying too. ^^

Arisa Mizuhara


Do you think cosplay is an art?

Depending on reproduction level of the costume and the details, and the overall feeling it gives, cosplay does often contain artistic elements.

Arisa Mizuhara


Some advice for people who want to give cosplaying a shot?

I think anybody can enjoy cosplaying as long as you put in the love for your favourite characters. ^^ Whether it fits or not is not as important as trying your best to become the character you like. I’m sure you’ll find that it’s a really enjoyable experience ♪

Arisa Mizuhara


Your thoughts on C73.

Actually, I caught a cold that day and I felt really sick. >_< But I met a lot of people and it turned out to be a fun day. ^^

Ops. Sorry for making you pose for a picture. -DM

Arisa Mizuhara


Please tell us the type of music you like.

I like fast eurobeat songs like the ones in Initial D.

Arisa Mizuhara


What were the last games you played and the last anime you watched?

I played Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chapter 2 (Original work: Ryuukishi 07) that came out on 31st Dec. It’s a new work from the original creator of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and the story this time is really good! I’ve been watching quite a few anime series recently. I finished the whole series of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Gunslinger Girl (first season) on New Year’s Day ♪

Arisa Mizuhara


What does “moé” mean to you?

If talking or thinking about a particular character and series makes me feel excited and my heart beat faster, then I think that is “moé”. (lol)

Arisa Mizuhara


Are you really into anything recently?

I’m currently addicted to half-body bathing. In terms of anime and manga, I’ve been enjoying Gintama (Hideaki Sorachi) and ZONE 00 (Kiyo Kujou), among others.

Arisa Mizuhara


What’s your ideal relationship partner?

A kind person with compatible values. ^^

Arisa Mizuhara


What do your family and friends think about cosplaying?

My family and friends are very understanding about cosplaying. ^^ Especially my father, because he likes anime and cute-looking character goods. (lol)

Arisa Mizuhara


Do you often receive fan letters from overseas?

I do receive e-mails from various countries. ^^ Although I have only been cosplaying in Japan, I always feel wonderful that people from so many different countries can view my cosplays on the internet. I can only speak Japanese, so I apologize for not being able to reply your e-mails, but I am really happy to receive them. ^^

Arisa Mizuhara


Have you ever cosplayed overseas? If not, do you want to?

I have only cosplayed in Japan before. >_< If the opportunity arises, I will love to participate in cosplay events in other countries. ^^

Cosfest organizing committee: *hint hint* -DM

Arisa Mizuhara


Please leave a message for your overseas fans.

I’m very happy to know that there are so many overseas fans who are interested in Japanese animation and cosplay. ^^ I’m still a novice at anime and cosplay, but I will continue to have fun cosplaying, so please feel free to drop by homepage anytime. ^^

Arisa-san, you’re being too humble… -DM

Arisa Mizuhara

And that concludes one of the few rare posts that I actually went through the trouble of producing actual content for. I hope you enjoyed it, and do drop by Arisa’s booth if you happen to be at Comiket in the near future. :)

All pictures in this post are reproduced from Nyanyantei with permission.

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