Made in Akiba

Whether it is a dream come true or a nightmare one year in the making, Taro Aso is now officially the prime minister of Japan. A self-professed otaku who is a fan of Rozen Maiden, Rozen Aso, as he is affectionately known as, is a right-wing LDP politician with a history of offending various groups of people with his forthright comments. On one hand, this is probably not good news for those concerned about Japan’s fragile relations with its somewhat hostile neighbours, but on the other hand, he might just fill his cabinet with loli wind-up dolls! (Okay probably not.)

Ever since Fukuda resigned with his infamous “I am not like you bastards!” farewell, Rozen Aso has been the leading favourite to take over as head honcho. In anticipation of this, otaku-related stocks have reached sky-high level and will probably continue rising tomorrow when the markets open.

In any case, things should get interesting.

[ Source: AFP ]

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