I attended the press preview for Anime Festival Asia 08 today. The actual event starts tomorrow at 9am. The preview itself consisted of a short tour around the booths that were being set up and a press conference to introduce the invited guests.

Note: This post is backdated because it took longer than expected to upload a 25-minute video to YouTube…

In case you’ve been ignoring all my posts on the topic, AFA08 is Singapore’s first anime convention and it will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Suntec Convention Hall 403 and 404.

The guests are (left to right):

  • May’n (singing voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross F)
  • Yasufumi Soejima (director of LaMB, former GONZO animator)
  • Koji Morimoto (Studio 4°C founder)
  • Kunio Okawara (original designer of Gundam)
  • Ichiro Mizuki (anime and tokusatsu singer)

The press conference itself is just a short sales pitch of the whole event, and you can already find all the information on the official website, including the details on exclusive merchandises.

Shawn, the head honcho

There is a Q&A session at the end with each of the five guests. I’ve uploaded a video recording of the whole thing to YouTube using ShakyCam™ technology.

The best part of the whole thing was actually after everyone else left and they started doing stage rehearsal. May’n performed all the songs she’ll be doing for the concert. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed for the rehearsal, so you have to use your imagination for that, or catch her actual performance on Sunday. All I can say is that she is one of the few singers who sound even better in real-life than on CD.

Also, for no reason, here’s a picture of a Sheryl cosplayer who was a member of the press.


Head down to Suntec City tomorrow or on Sunday if you want to see more. I’m really tired now, so I shall retire…to the world of Azeroth. Well, Outland actually.

UPDATE: Yes I realize that this post is really, really late. The YouTube video took years to upload overnight before failing and I had to upload it again using the non-beta uploader. Just pretend that you are reading this post on Friday night, okay?

On another note, I just got back from AFA08 day one. I’m really tired. Will blog about the whole event tomorrow because I didn’t get enough pictures today. (I forgot to put a CF card into my camera and only managed to borrow one from Windbell just before I was going to leave the venue.)

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