I finished the game last week but didn’t feel like writing a review until now. Anyway, Tick! Tack! is the 2005 sequel to Shuffle! that picks up from the Nerine ending. (Alright!)

Don’t ask!

First let me get this out of the way: This game rocks! Nerine’s story really sucked in the original game, so Nerine fanboys (*cough*) shouldn’t miss this.

But anyway, the story is about you (Rin Tsuchimi), Nerine (good sad that the other girls happen to be busy), Mayumi and Itsuki accidentally travelling back in time to the demon world twenty years ago and meeting a young Forbesii (Demon-King-to-be), his fiancée Ai, his maid Sage and his sister Cineraria (Ria-chan).

You soon realize that your presence in the love triangle between Forbesii, Ai and Sage is changing the past and endangering Nerine’s existence.

Room movement
The playboy mansion

The entire game takes place in Nerine’s childhood home, the Demon King’s mansion. Who you talk to and what you say will influence whether Nerine’s mother-to-be ends up with Forbesii. (Which should long have taken place, but your sudden arrival messed it up)

Ai, Forbesii’s fiancée (hint: not Nerine’s mother)

There’s a watch at the top left hand corner of the screen and your decisions will cause it to move towards either the left (blue) or the right (red) side. When it reaches a certain level in the red zone, Nerine will be replaced with a red-hair version of herself. Like this:

Red Nerine
This Nerine has a completely opposite personality

So, you have to make sure that your actions help to bring Forbesii and Nerine’s mother together. (Then again, if you like red, you can do the opposite and get the Red Nerine end)

Sage-chan (se-ji not sage)

Alright, I think you could’ve guessed by now. Yes, Sage-chan is (supposed to be) Nerine’s mother. *shock* Of course, this being the kind of game that it is, there’s an ending for her too (not a very good one at that). She’s quite cute. Nerine inherited her omelet-cooking skills from her. ^^;

Cineraria, or Ria-chan

Besides Ai and Sage, there’re also Bark (just as his name says) the bulter with homosexual tendencies and Cineraria, Forbesii’s sister. Ria-chan is actually Sia-chan’s mother-to-be and you can really see the influence. (Chair-throwing and what not) She’s the funniest character in the bunch and surprisingly, there isn’t a path for her. *shock no.2* She also learns of your plan to get Sage and Forbesii together and offers her “help”.

Sage and Forbesii
Get out of my kitchen!

Personally, I enjoyed Tick! Tack! quite a bit more than the original game. Almost all the characters are likable and it further expands on Nerine’s (underdeveloped) backstory. Two complains: the ending for Ai is better than Sage’s. What gives? And also, more Ria-chan pls kthx bye.

Red Nerine ending
Happily ever after

If you like Nerine and found Shuffle! disappointing, then this game is highly recommended. Now if only they port the PS2 Shuffle! On The Stage to PC.

To end off this entry, Sage-chan pics!



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