Besides going to Bandai Museum today, I also revisited a few secondhand stores around Akihabara and Ikebukuro today and found some really good deals.


100 yen is about 0.85 USD.

  • Tamaki Nami – Believe (100 yen)
  • Tamaki Nami – Realize (100 yen)
  • HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – PRIDE (50 yen!!!)
  • hitomi – by myself (100 yen)
  • Love Hina – Character CD Vol.2 (180 yen)
  • AI ga Tomaranai (aka A.I. Love) Vol.1-8 (1600 yen)

And the green colour booklet on the top right corner is the script for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien episode 3. That’s the episode where Mitsuki and Takayuki… :3 Well I would’ve prefered the script for the last episode, but I couldn’t find it. The best part is that the script includes the episode preview segment by Ayu and Mayu. lol.

On another note, here’s a bed sheet of Otome from D.C. II.



It costs a good 6000 yen and I have no idea what Pear intends to do with it…

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