I happened to be near Kinokuniya yesterday when I received a call from the Japanese book counter telling me that my Negima! Vol.15 was ready for collection.

Box - Front

The limited edition is waaaay overpriced but I bought it anyway because I am a tool of the system. It comes with a DVD that contains promotional material for the new Negima! OVA.

Box - BackBook - FrontBook - BackSpecial DVD

After watching the DVD, I am happy to say that the new Negima! OVA is better than I expected. The character designs are surprisingly close to the original and the animation quality and detail are a few hundred times better than the horror that was the TV series. A few hundred being a modest estimate. The entire cast is retained as far as I can tell. The OVA also seems to contain a little more fanservice… Well, still far less than the manga.

One complaint: The OP “Yume Minna de” is not as catchy as “Happy Material”.


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