Here is a note to all fansub groups: Please make sure that your translator actually speaks Japanese! And please make sure that you have at least one other team member on the project who speaks Japanese so that he/she can make sure that the translator isn’t pretending to know Japanese by making random guesses and checking Babelfish!


Shitty Fansubs

Now here’s a sad, sad example of a “fansub” gone horribly wrong. The following translations are from Doremi-OTOME’s fansub of Mai-Otome DVD Special 8. The torrent can be found here (way at the bottom).

The translator is very cunning. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. But really, I am not certain if he even speaks a single word of Japanese after watching this piece of wombat dung.

Evidence 1

Evidence 1

Sounds like reasonable translation? Well here’s what Mai really said in that exact scene:

I entered the school after running away from home,
luckily there was a family who offered to help me

Wow! That sounds like a completely different story now, doesn’t it?!?! How the fuck did the translator miss SO HARD that he nearly landed in a totally whole new continent! Imagine if I didn’t know Japanese and believed in this asshat’s lies. He’s creating a whole new anime with his “translations”.

Evidence 2

Evidence 2

Again, this sounds completely reasonable doesn’t it? Well SURPRISE!!!

Everyone was so nice to me and the conditions were just too good.

Wow. Another brilliant translation. I can’t even figure out which word he might have mistaken to produce “trouble”, so I conclude that the translator just made the whole thing up out of thin air. Please also notice that the translator is using present tense. I guess the editor went fishing too, huh?

Evidence 3

Evidence 3

I tried escaping at first,
but I got caught everytime.

The meaning is changed, but hey, at least he got all the keywords right! CHEERS!!!

Evidence 4

Evidence 4

So, during the time I spent in this valley together with her, I unknowingly…
I got attached to her completely.
You have not changed a bit since then.

I must confess that my translation for the second line isn’t very accurate.

うちに (uchi ni) is used to mean “within a period of time”.
うち (uchi) means “house”.

The translator, in his infinite wisdom, confused the two and just went along with it even though it makes no fucking sense if you stop and think about it for even 1 nanosecond.

The last line is even more hilarious. The translator confused 変わる (kawaru) with かわいい (kawaii) and the meaning of the sentence was TOTALLY RAPED in the most gruesome and inhuman manner possible. For the love of Haruhi and all that is good, what kind of “Japanese translator” confuses “to change” with “cute”!?

Maybe he’s really just a narutard who knows nothing but “NEKO NEKO KAWAII DESU”. Holy shit, I saved the best for the last!

Evidence 5

Evidence 5

Are you challenging me to battle, Silver Crystal of Ice?
Ah, no…I didn’t…
Very well, I accept.

Cool. I think this speaks for itself. The translator just had to screw up the funniest part of the video.

Thanks for informing me that Ladholyman isn’t responsible for the mess up because he only translates from Chinese subs. You can read my follow-up here. But I’ll keep the remarks below for the sake of completeness and preserving history and all that jazz. Just imagine that I’m talking to the Chinese translator instead. :P

Mr. “Translator”: If you can’t figure out what they are saying, please be honest and tell the rest of your team. Your team members do not speak Japanese and trust you enough that they didn’t get a second translator to expose your little lies. You betrayed their trust. If you want to bullshit, at least do it with style like “Mass Naked Child Event” or something. Be creative!

Listen up fansub groups! DON’T let this guy translate anything! Not a single word! Not even if it’s in English!


The rest of those guys are probably cool, but Doremi deserves a good ass-kicking for not having a translation checker. Come on, it’s so fucking basic that it’s not even funny.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by DarkMirage. I know if you’ve been naughty or good, so don’t even try to %$#%# around with me!

EDIT: I have to add that these are NOT the only mistakes in this 4:32 short video. And also, the first scene is relatively free of mistakes because it was taken from one of the main episodes, meaning the “translator” probably “borrowed” the translation.

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