Girl drumming

I’m sure you have encountered plenty of song titles that sound cool at first but don’t seem to make much sense when you think about them.

I’m not talking about Engrish titles (e.g. “Can you feel crying alone?” by tiaraway) because you can still make out the general meaning of the title, I am instead referring to songs like “JUST COMMUNICATION” by TWO-MIX. Just what exactly is it trying to say? It certainly is a blast trying to figure out what the person was thinking when he/she penned the title.

Let’s take a look at some of titles that have been bugging me since forever…

  • Red fraction by MELL from BLACK LAGOON
    (Communist arithmetic?)
  • Face of Fact by KOTOKO from Baldr Force
  • resolution of soul by KOTOKO from D+VINE LUV
    (How many megapixels is yours?)
  • I deal Forest ~S style~ by KOTOKO
    (Typo of “Ideal Forest”?)
  • Wing my Way by KOTOKO from Farland Symphony
  • To lose in amber by EIKO from Dorei Shijou
  • Wind and Wander by Mami Kawada from Silvern
  • SAKURA diference by Jyukai
    (Yet another arithmetic song!)
  • WHITE STATION by Ace File from I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
  • HOW HOW BEAR by Megumi Hayashibara
  • Touch Yourself by Megumi Hayashibara
    (Actually this makes so much sense now!)
  • by Masami Okui
    (New internet dot com startup?)
  • Chao Tokyo by See-Saw
    (Mandarin Chinese?)
  • half pain by Bana from Witch Hunter Robin
    (What is with their obsession with maths?)

I mean, when you have a song title like “Flower”, “butterfly”, “Be in Silence” or “lonesome road”, the meaning is sort of vague and it is often obscured by the Engrish, but eventually you can actually see the relationship between the song and the title.

But what sort of feeling is “Red fraction” supposed to induce? I really have no idea. It’s one thing to take a few seconds to figure out what an Engrishy song title like “I can’t get over your best smile” is trying to convey, but a completely different thing when you are smacked in the face by a title like “Sentimental Graffiti”. Huh?

Of course, Japanese songs aren’t the only ones guilty of this. It’s just that I don’t listen to anything else.

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