I have a problem. I am running on a tight budget this month (hint: Haruhi DVDs) and Japan decided to help me with this problem by releasing all sorts of wonderful things that I would die to get my hands on. For fuck’s sake Japan! A guy can only die once, you know.

Otaku Rei
Sad to say I own the entire series of that book

So the question is… What should I die for?

Item No.1

D.C. II – Nanaka Shirakawa mousepad + phonecard set

  • Price: 3,500 yen
  • Probably more since they don’t ship overseas and I have to use a middleman.
  • Mousepad size: 190mm x 220mm


Everyone knows that I am a Nanaka fanboy. The design used by the phonecard is, in my opinion, the best CG of her in the game. I want this bad. The other D.C. II girls are also available from Chara-Ani.

Item No.2

D.C. II – Nanaka Shirakawa limited edition Zippo lighter

  • Price: 7,000 to 10,000 yen
  • Probably more since it’s Yahoo Auctions
  • Officially licensed Zippo lighters
  • Sold during Comiket 70
  • Only 300 made, each with a serial number

Nanaka Zippo

I don’t smoke. I don’t collect lighters. BUT THIS IS JUST WAY TOO COOL. (Okay, maybe my definition of “cool” is a bit off) Each lighter has its unique serial number, which tickles my inner collector soul. The original retail price at Comiket was 6,000 yen, so Yahoo Auction prices aren’t too bad. Yet. (Just wait till a D.C. II anime is announced) Oh so tempting…

Item No.3

1/20 Tachikoma from Megahouse

  • Release Date: Feb 2007
  • Price: 10,000 yen
  • Made of ABS
  • Multiple articulations
  • 130mm tall


I am lazy. I bought the 1/24 Tachikoma model kit last year and have yet to open the box. This however is pre-built, bigger and cooler. The only catch is that it’s a few times the price of the original too.

Item No.4

School Rumble – Yakumo Tsukamoto pillow cover from COSPA
School Rumble – Eri Sawachika pillow cover from COSPA

  • Release Date: 20/11/2006
  • Price: 9,000 yen each

School Rumble

Wait! I know what you are thinking… Take a deep breath. Relax. Anyway, COSPA quality is worth the money. But as much as I like Yakumo and Eri, they are not exactly my favourite characters of all time. Still, somewhat interested.

Item No.5

Want to buy: money-printing machine plz!

Anyway, considering the fact that I’ve already pre-spent most of my money for the next year or so, I think I need to think carefully about this and not make any rash deci…

…Oh fuck it. Nanaka is calling for me!

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