The moé self-help books just don’t stop coming. It has been scientifically proven that anything with the word “moé” or “tsundere” in its title will sell like hotcakes.

Tsundere Linux
Image from Akiba-blog

From Akiba-blog: Enter 「ツンデレ☆りなっくす」 or “Tsundere Linux”, a book that supposedly teaches you about the famous open source operating system in a totally moélicious manner. It even has a cute abbreviation もえりな (moerina).

Fedora core
Image from Akiba-blog

The book apparently covers various topics such as getting cheap second hand computers, explanations of the various distros and installation procedure for Debian, Firefox and 2ch browser. And a tsundere girl. Don’t forget the tsundere girl.

They totally need to make one of these for Cisco networking, the most goddamn boring topic in the world.

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