Kiddy Grade

According to Moon Phase Zakki, a sequel to Kiddy Grade is in the works.


「涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 SOS団ラジオ支部」第35回放送内で、リュミエール役の平野綾がしゃべってた模様。エクレールとリュミエールのその後を描く。パイロットフィルムを先行公開予定。


Kiddy Grade Sequel “Kiddy Grade 2” (tentative title) is in the works!

Aya Hirano, the seiyuu of Lumière, revealed that a second Kiddy Grade anime is in the works during the broadcast of “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu SOS-dan Radio Subdivision” episode 35. The new anime will continue to focus on Éclair and Lumière. A pilot episode will be released first.

This has got to be true because Haruhi-sama said it! Continue reading for what I think Kiddy Grade 2 needs…

The first Kiddy Grade series was kind of nice, but it didn’t leave much impression other than a swath of Éclair x Lumière H-doujinshi. Here are some suggestions from me for Kiddy Grade 2 to achieve the status of ultimate moé!

  1. Make Lumière more tsundere
  2. More girls
  3. Introduce a meido-fuku dojikko who is often sexually harrassed
  4. Make her shoot laser beams from her eyes as her ES power
  5. Rename GOTT to SOS団
  6. Bunny costume shall be the new work uniform
  7. Ponytails
  8. Instead of just incest, get yuri incest!
  9. Throw in 12 sisters while you are at it
  10. Trap(s) — Everyone is doing it

Okay so my suggestions suck like a vacuum cleaner, but seriously, will anyone ever be able to watch Kiddy Grade 2 without thinking of Haruhi-sama every time Lumière speaks? It will be a whole new viewing experience. 楽しみ~

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