According to Moon Phase Zakki, a DVD containing the pilot episode of Kiddy Grade 2 will be released in late March.

Kiddy Grade 2

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Original Work: gimik / Kadokawa Shoten
Director / Storyboard / Producer: Keiji Gotoh
Character Design / Animation Director: Megumi Kadonosono
Series Composition / Script: Hidefumi Kimura
Mechnical Design: Kanetake Ebikawa
Animation Production: Aslead
Project Producer: Atsushi Itou
Content Producer: Kiyonori Hiramatsu
Official Site:

ES Members Éclair and Lumière were involved in a battle to determine fate of the galaxy and they prevailed in the face of danger. However, years passed and now the galaxy has entered another era of chaos. The general feel of the Kiddy Grade universe remains unchanged and the story takes place after the end of the first series, though the exact time lapsed has not been confirmed yet. The new heroines are “Asukuuru” (resembles Lumière) and “Kufiiyu” (resembles Éclair). Look forward to possible appearances by characters from the first series. The limited edition pilot episode DVD is 7-minute long and cost ¥2,940.

All information taken from Moon Phase Zakki.

The names are direct romanization from Japanese (アスクール and クフィーユ), so they are almost definitely wrong. I tried googling around in French but couldn’t find anything close.

More sci-fi yuri action coming your way soon.

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