Circus has released the promo video for Circus Disk ~Christmas Days~ (C.D.C.D.—crazy acronyms FTW!), an upcoming game-slash-fandisk that will feature familiar characters from various Circus flagship titles such as Da Capo, AR Forgotten Summer and Saishuu Shiken Kujira.


You can download the promo here. Continue for more screenshots.


Interesting note: there seem to be H-scenes for Kotori’s good friends, Mikkun and Tomo-chan. :O (scroll down this page if you don’t remember who they are.)

I’m considering actually paying for this. It’s ¥4,800 for the limited edition, which is a lot less than a full game. Sofmap is giving away a hawt Kotori phone card for their preorder… Oh so tempting.

The game is coming out on 22 Dec, just before Christmas. ぎりぎりってところかな。 That said, I wonder how may people will be spending their Christmas on this game. :P

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