JLPT is just tomorrow. I spent today revising my grammar and doing practice papers, really… OK, so I am lying. The reality is, I have been playing Really? Really! non-stop and it has me really hooked.

You should know how much I really hate Kaede, so it would seem really strange for me to like a game that is based on her Shuffle! ending. But really, Really? Really! is really a really, really good game. Really, if I could stop myself from inserting “really” into every other word, I’d be able to really tell you just how good Really? Really! really is…

Here are some samples of its (really) awesome power.

kinsoku jikou desu
kinsoku jikou desu~ *wink*

Koi no Mikuru’s legendary trademark line delivered by Kaede pretending to be Momiji (her mother), voiced by Yuko Goto who is also the voice behind the magical high-school waitress girl from the future. Just brilliant.

nazo wa subete toketa!
nazo wa subete toketa! jicchan ga shi ni kakete!

Rin apparently watched one too many episodes of Kindaichi Shounen. The original line by Kindaichi is “nazo wa subete toketa! jicchan no na ni kakete!” or “I have solved the case! I swear in the name of my grandfather!”. Rin’s line reads, “I swear by my grandfather’s life!”

Really, I’m enjoying this game way more than I thought I would. It’s absolutely hilarious and the gameplay system is refreshingly unique. Also, Asa-senpai with long hair = RABU! I’ll post a complete review after I’m done with the game.

P.S. It seems that the game has only ONE path. Quite a surprising (and in a way ingenious) design for an eroge.

P.P.S. Mayumi with breasts.


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