The mysterious Haruhi website has been updated. Don’t see any changes? Look at the source code.


Read on for the details.

The DOCTYPE declaration has been taken off. The original DOCTYPE was !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN".

People were speculating that Funimation was the one who licensed Haruhi because the DOCTYPE matches the one used on their website. It seems that whoever licensed Haruhi wanted to kill this rumour, since it’s kind of weird for someone to remove a working DOCTYPE for no reason (the site is valid HTML 4.01 according to W3C).

The hidden text in the source code has also been changed to 「北米計画が発効した。」, or “the North American project has been launched.” I think this pretty much confirms it 100% that Haruhi is licensed.

If the DOCTYPE was really removed because of the rumours, then this pretty much rules out Funimation as the mysterious company. Plus the fact that all the “in-jokes” are being done in Japanese, it leads me to believe that the licensing company has to be Kadokawa Pictures USA (which currently only has FMP! TSR under its belt). has also been updated with an escape program from YUKI.N. Looks like season two announcement is coming soon.

Whatever the case is, you can hear my wallet dreading the future. _| ̄|O

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