Wonder Festival 2007 Winter may have ended, but the coverages are in full swing. Akiba-blog has comprehensive coverages on all the Haruhi and Yuki figurines that were present at the event.

One particularly awesome resin figure caught my attention…

Legs… @_@

Not since BUBBA’s Haruhi Bunny have I wanted a resin figure so badly. It’s probably a lost cause, but a man can dream. This resin figure was sculpted by YZJ from the group Cobra-kai. You can see a slightly better picture of it on his blog. ほしいぃな~~

The other figure I really like is Kaiyodo‘s Haruhi. This one will probably be available in PVC soon.


Check out the rest of the cool Haruhi figures on Akiba-blog!

P.S. Of course there’re also Yuki, loli-gothic Yuki, loli-gothic Yuki, space Yuki, space Yuki and whatever.

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