The results for the 2006 Japanese Language Proficiency Test are out. It’s official: NO MORE JLPT FOR DM EVER AGAIN! YAY! I passed JLPT level 1! WOOHOO! I am now officially qualified to look down on lousy fansubbers and stir up intarweb doramas.

The Victory Pose!

I scored 335/400 overall with the breakdown as follows:
Vocabulary: 69/100
Listening: 90/100
Reading & Grammar: 176/200

I was 8 points short of my goal of 343. For the record, I scored 381 for JLPT 3 in 2004 and 362 for JLPT 2 in 2005. I did quite badly for the vocabulary section. I guess this is what I get for being too lazy to memorize kanji.

So, how did everyone else do?

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