For some inexplicable reason, plamo maker Aoshima is releasing a series of itasha scaled models. I really don’t understand the logic behind this. This meta-merchandising is about as relevant as writing a blog about people blogging. But I guess some people do that too.

Haruhi Itasha
Picture stolen from Hobby Blog (possible stolen from elsewhere)

I can see the appeal of covering your real car with decals of your favourite anime goddess, and I can see the appeal of building plastic models. But good things aren’t always better when mixed together, like ice-cream and curry. Also, that thing is covered with way too many decals. I think just having one decal on the front hood would’ve been in better taste. More pictures here.

[ Source: Hobby Blog via Kotaku ]

It seems that some business executives are trying too hard to bring in otaku money. Just two days ago, reports surfaced that there’s a (unconfirmed) plan to start off this year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen with an akiba-kei performance by AKB48, Shouko Nakagawa (famous girl gamer cum cosplay idol often seen promoting new games) and Leah Dizon.

I’m still trying to figure out why Leah Dizon is in there. For Haruhi’s sake, NHK! At least find some decent singers if you’re aiming for the otaku-friendly image. Like KOTOKO or Yui Horie. Jeez.

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